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With best infrastructure fully equipped with modern equipment and devices, we are in a position to manufacture top notch products. We strive to offer products in a wide array of sizes, shapes, dimensions and other specifications and meet the exact requirements of our customers. We have the capabilities to offer high integrity products that are durable as well as cost effective. Various tests are conducted by our expert professionals for ensured performance. Our Inspection and Testing Facility, consisting primarily of NDT, provides the following functionalities-

Testing Facilities
We procure premium quality casting materials from authentic vendors. We match the casting materials (Heat No.) with the foundry test certificates to verify the specification of the materials.

For Seats, Stem, Bushes, Gaskets etc. we obtain round, plate and other sections from mills and genuine dealers. We always test and verify the specification of the samples taken from the sources. After ensuring that the samples meet the specific standards, we order for bulk materials.

We also have NDT facilities with arrangements for DP Test, Radiography, Ultrasonic and other NDT.

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Testing
We are well equipped with 4 Hydraulic Test Pumps, one of them being electrically operated with maximum capacity of 300 Psig. The rest three Hydraulic Test Pumps are manually operated and requires Pressure gauges. These pumps are employed to test valves hydraulically as per specification or the demand of the client. These pumps have a Maximum Capacity of 9000 Psig. To test valves pneumatically we have one compressor of up to 100 Psig. All our pressure gauges are calibrated and documented on regular basis.

Inspection Facilities
To assure the flawless performance of our products we keep all kinds of measuring instruments required to inspect valves. We are equipped with a Hardness Testing Machine to check the strength and hardness of materials RA, RB, RC & BHN values. We calibrate the machine for error free performance.

Metropolitan Industries
Reputed for manufacturing various types of industrial products, Metropolitan Industries was established in the year 1957. Under the able supervision & guidance of their experienced management, they have been offering the best quality products over the years at a competitive
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